Saturday, April 24, 2010


“I love you.”

The words escape from his lips, smothering the post coital glow. Sweat still visible on my flesh, my breathing shallow and irregular, I answer cruelly.

“You shouldn’t."

I roll on my side to ignore him. He shifts his weight and I feel his fingers gently follow my spine down from my neck. I stiffen in anticipation of his touch on the small of my back.

“I love you” he repeats.

I whisper, my voice low enough so he hears, low enough so he doesn’t hear.

“If you don’t stop saying that, I’m leaving, and I won’t come back.”

His hand now rests on my hip, his touch both tender and possessive. He moves closer to me, his groin snug against my ass, his arm across my waist while his hand cups my breast. I try to break free of his embrace, then decide to wait until he’s asleep to make my escape. His breathing becomes deep and rhythmic, his hold loosens and I begin to slip away. His grip tightens and he pulls me back to him, kissing my neck and shoulder. I feel his breath on my ear.

“Stay with me. Spend the rest of your life breaking my heart.”

I take his hand and bite it.

“Why should I spend the rest of my life with a man who expects to be treated so badly by the woman he loves?”

He laughs, passion rising up again as he squeezes my breast.

“Because you’re heartless, but I love you any way.”

I turn towards him; he rolls on top of me and plunges deep inside. I gasp with pleasure, raking my nails down his back in acquiescence.