Sunday, May 29, 2016


Once upon a time there was a woman.  Not a young woman, but not an old woman. Not a bitter woman, but not a happy-go-lucky woman.  Not a thin woman, but not a fat woman.  Just a woman you might see in the market or out on the street walking.  A woman like thousands of other women.  This woman was invisible.

But wait, you ask, how can an invisible woman be seen in the market or out on the street, walking? Wouldn't an invisible woman, be, well, invisible?  And how can there be thousands of invisible women?  Surely we'd be bumping into them or tripping over them?

Ah, dear reader, these invisible women are not invisible because they are transparent.  These women are invisible because people think they have nothing left to give.  People think that these women have no value to offer society.  People think that unless a woman meets  a certain criteria imposed by external forces, she's not worth noticing .

So these not young, not old. not bitter, not happy-go-lucky, not thin, not fat women go about their days, paying no mind to the ignorant masses around them who pretend they no longer exist.  Instead, the fill their lives with joyous anticipation for what lies ahead.

And what lies ahead, you ask?