Wednesday, September 29, 2010

While I'm Gone

His eyes darted furtively towards the clock. He was running out of time; his departure was imminent. He struggled to replace the tamper proof cap, his big meat paws fumbling to align the arrows just so. The contents of the opened bottle would be visible when the body was found. He would be at the conference in Albuquerque, his alibi set. He could come home and start again. Or maybe he wouldn't come back at all, maybe he'd relocate to New York City or San Francisco. Anywhere. Alone.

Footsteps entering the room caused him to turn around. She started fussing with his bags, making sure everything was packed correctly, that the tags were properly filled out. He could feel the anger and frustration beginning to rise inside him; why couldn't she just leave everything alone? Sighing deeply, he went over to her, holding out the bottle.

"Don't forget to take your meds while I'm gone."

She looked at the bottle, then gave him a quizzical look.

"I don't need to take them anymore. The doctor said I was all better."

He placed the bottle in her palm, closing her fingers around it. The doctor had said no such thing, told him privately that she was getting worse, that it was only a matter of time before she dissolved into a total psychotic state. This was the only way to keep her safe, to keep him safe.

"That's not what the doctor said. You need to keep taking them."

"Fuck the doctor! There's nothing wrong with me!"

She threw the bottle towards the kitchen, making it bounce off the refrigerator. It landed next to the espresso machine. She hated espresso. She hated that kitchen, and the way he was always nagging her to eat healthy, complaining about all the work he did preparing meals for her that she never ate. She glared at him, defying him to confront her. He walked over and picked up the bottle, bringing it back and placing it in her purse.

"I'll go warm up the car. My flight's in two hours. Hopefully we won't hit any traffic at this time of night."

He walked towards the front door, the weight of the world on his shoulders. Soon. Soon it would be over. Soon they'd be free of each other, and he'd be able to breath again.

She stood in the middle of the room and waited. She heard the car door open and close. She turned her head towards the front window; she had a clear view of the car at the curb. She saw him fiddle with the rear view mirror, click his seat belt, then put the key in the ignition.

The explosion was instantaneous. The doors,the windows and the roof of the car all blew off. Flames engulfed what was left of his body. She stood looking for another minute, then went to the hall closet, pulling out her suitcase and coat. She placed her coat on the couch and picked up the phone, dialing quickly.

"Hello? I'd like to order a cab to the airport, please."

Friday, September 17, 2010


Is adultery still a sin?

She pondered that question as she pulled the black seamed stocking from her leg. She could feel his eyes on her, watching her every move. He was lounging on the bed, all ready naked, gently caressing himself in anticipation. She turned her head and smiled, then slowly made her way to him. She decided to be the aggressor, straddling his groin. He leaned back against some pillows and closed his eyes, his hands possessively attached to her succulent ass. She let her hips begin to rock back and forth; slowly, taking her time, as her mind began to wander once again to the question at hand. A small smile began to form on her lips.

Is adultery still a sin?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Choice

It was the end of a very long and very tense afternoon. David wanted to make this a perfect day for his daughter, Maddie, and his new girlfriend, Catherine, and felt he had failed miserably. He had hoped the first time they spent together would be a pleasant experience for all of them; it hadn't been. He realized he tried to do too much in too short a time, and now they were all tired and grumpy.

"Daddy, she has a big ass."

He looked down at his six year old, horrified at her brutality. Maddie gave her opinion in the forth right and inappropriate manner that only a child can. David felt his cheeks redden, and bent down to speak to her.

"That's not a nice thing to say, darling."

He tried to reply sotto voce, in order not to call any more attention to themselves. Catherine appeared at his side, slipping her arm around his waist and gently kissing him. She looked down at the small slip of a girl, possessively holding on to her father's hand, and offered a demure smile.

"It is big, isn't it? No matter how much I exercise, it's still huge!"

"I think it's perfect" he whispered as he returned her kiss, balancing his desire to protect her feelings with the need to protect his child, who was feeling threatened by this perceived new menance.

"My mommy has a really little ass. Maybe you shouldn't eat so much."

Maddie looked up at her rival, a provocative glint in her eye, not giving a damn if her words offended. David grabbed her by the shoulder, loosing his temper, and placed his hand under her chin, raising her face to his.

"That's enough. I won't have you being rude to Catherine. You need to apologize for your behaviour."

The three of them stood silently, staring at each other, the tension unbearable, on the cusp of a volatile situation . Catherine gave him a sad smile and kissed him once again.

"I guess we're rushing this. I'll give you a call later."

She looked down again at her antagonist, and crouched to her level, looking Maddie straight in the eye.

"Bye Maddie. I had fun hanging out with you today. Hope we get to do it again sometime."

Maddie kept her gaze down, hiding partially behind her father's leg. As mad as she was with this interloper, she was even more upset with her father for the way he was treating her. Hadn't he always said she came first in his life? Now there was this trespasser encroaching upon their lives.

"I don't," they heard her mutter.

David and Catherine exchanged glances; she started to leave when he grabbed her suddenly, hugging her with all his might, trying to hold on to something he needed so badly.

"I love you, Cath. I'll call you later."

Catherine returned his hug, and glanced over his shoulder to gaze at Maddie, sobbing into a stuffed bear.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Haiku 6:00

United in love

Immortality achieved

Forever in death

Haiku 5:46

Begging for mercy

A quality never shown

I consume your core

Haiku 5:15

Pitiless hands grasp

Your cold illicit essence

Draining your life away

Haiku 4:43

Desires unfulfilled

Carnal dreams kindle passion

Ravish your psyche

Haiku 4:05

Haunting every breath

I will feast upon your flesh

Peace will elude you

Haiku 3:46


Grief is meaningless to you

Much like your love was

Haiku 3:11


Adrift amongst wounded souls

My wails pierce your heart

Haiku 2:05

Silence surounds me

Death is a welcome friend now

Life's void without you

Haiku 1:47

My life ends alone

Forgotten by your cruel heart

Spirits seek revenge

Haiku 1:32

Life without your love

Will forever have no joy

I wish it to cease

Haiku 1:29

Sharp knife lingers close

Rests a top my broken heart

Why did you leave me

Haiku 1:12

I ache for your touch

Naked flesh on my body

Moaning with desire

Haiku 1:05

My heart destroyed now

Recognition does not come

From your lovely lips.

Haiku 12:39

Battered broken heart

Lying in the golden sun

Grieves for a lost love

12:23 pm



Always waiting.

Why did you go?

When will you return?

Will you return?

Come back.

Come back.

I'm alone.

I'm afraid.

I grieve.

For you.

Always for you.



Always for you.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Beacon

Cold, heavy rain beat against the window panes. The fire was near gone; the only heat in the room was from their bodies, snuggled close under covers. She was asleep, curled up on her side, her robust ass pressed against his stomach. His hand gently followed the curve of her body, starting at her hair, her shoulder, her waist, finally resting in the hollow between her legs. She sighed contentedly, then rolled towards him, as a haughty smile appeared on her somnolent features.

"Not again?"

He slowly began to stroke her, making her squirm with delight. She tried to return the pleasure, but he denied her, pushing her hand away. She groaned in mock dismay at his rejection, all the while moving her hips in a steady rhythm. He began to rub harder, as if trying to remove an unhealthy stain. A dispassionate expression enveloped his face as he watched her body writhe in ecstasy.

His obligation finished, he let his hand creep up her body, moving past the tattoo of five red bats wreathing her right breast. Five bats representing health, wealth, love, longevity, and virtue. He had paid for it before he embarked on his last trip to China. He'd received the e-mail with the link to the pornographic video site two days later; a mere 48 hours after she'd professed her love and fidelity to him. He tried to cauterize the sight of watching others feast on her flesh from his memory. His hand stalked up her body until it perched menacingly at the base of her throat. He rolled on top of her, straddling her body, pinning her down as his hands began to wrap themselves around her face. Bending forward, he kissed her for the last time.

"I know what you did while I was gone. You should never have gotten that tattoo Roxanne; it stuck out like a beacon on the video. I guess it wasn't the good luck charm you hoped it would be."

He wrapped his hands around her neck, squeezing her throat with no more effort than he would have used to wring out a wet towel.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Does Not Meet Our Needs At This Time

He was seated at a table, multiple pens at the ready. He didn't mind readings so much, but the book signings afterwards were always so draining. People wanted to share their stories with him, tell him how moved they were by his words. All he wanted to do was sit on his couch with a cold beer. Ah well, the lot of a published writer.

The usual suspects were qued up; middle aged ladies clutching a copy of his latest book. Some were reserved, some were down right vulgar in their demands. He always tried to smile and say something polite, but tonight it was warm in the store and his tie was tight and his throat was parched. That beer would taste so good right about now.

She stood out from the others, mostly because she was about twenty years younger than the rest, closer to his own age. She was pretty, he thought, in a gentle, non threatening way. She kept her eyes down on the stack of books in her hands. She must have been carrying at least five volumes; it looked like everything he'd written so far. He hoped she wasn't expecting him to sign all of them; he was very particular about what he signed. He didn't want to find his work on E-Bay, profiting someone else. He tried to make eye contact with her, but she kept staring at her feet.

Finally she was right in front of him. He looked up at her; she was quite lovely, with soft features, curly red hair. He smiled at her, and held out his hand for the first book.

"I usually only sign one volume per signing." His smile grew as their eyes finally met, his hand still held up expectantly.

"That's fine," she replied, her voice cool and low, "I'm not interested in an autograph. I'm returning them to you."

He stared at her, confused.

"I'm sorry?"

She looked at him, calm and collected,never raising her voice or giving in to emotion, as if she were rejecting a glass of wine, and not his life's blood.

"You should be. I'm returning these to you. You should be ashamed, calling yourself a writer. This is some of the most self indulgent and selfish writing I've ever read. I bought all these books, each time hoping to make some sort of connection with the author, and each time I finished one, I was left with the feeling that I'd just made love to a man who refused to take his pyjamas off during the act. You broke my heart."

She left the books on the table, turned and glided away. He watched her leave the store without so much as a glance back, his hand still up in the air in expectation.

Monday, September 6, 2010

I Wish I Knew . . .

Falling in love: supreme act of faith, or desperate act of a deranged mind? Perhaps, it's a combination of both.

I suppose if I had the answer to that question, I could write a book, make a lot of money, and retire, spending all my days writing for free on a blog.

Silly Rabbit!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Love Conquers If it Can

The hadn't met cute. He hadn't tried to take her cab in the pouring rain, she hadn't taken the last strawberry scone at the local coffee shop. He had come into her office, looking for the Bursar's Office, and she had tried to show him where it was on the printed map they kept at the front desk, but neither one of them was wearing their reading glasses, so they couldn't see the finely printed building names. She wound up taking him outside and pointed up the hill, telling him it was somewhere over there, beyond that big Gothic style arch. She watched him trudge up the hill, then returned inside to her desk. The next day he showed up with a bouquet of zinnias. It was almost stalker-ish, but not quite. So maybe that was kinda cute.

Lunch led to drinks, which led to a movie, and then dinner. Each successive date led to less restrictions on their time together, less distractions to conversation. Which eventually led them to his bed, because she said her house was a mess, and while he was slightly concerned that she was hiding something (or someone)her dexterity with her tongue made him put his concerns on the back burner.

So now it was a year later, and they were at the point where you decide to agree to some level of commitment, or just walk away. People kept telling them they were perfect for each other (they never saw her reluctance to wipe up the kitchen after she used it or his refusal to wear clothing in private), and for the most part they conceded they were, but still wondered if it was enough. Does love conquer all? Or does love conquer what it can, leaving the rest of it up to us?

You've Got Mail #Friday Flash

She felt his hand on her back, pushing her forward to give him greater access. She rolled her eyes and complied. The things one had to do to stay employed. At first it had only been the covert touch over clothing, the intermittent rubbing himself against her. Gradually it grew to hands against flesh, his fingers probing deeper and deeper. He never tried to kiss her, though. She always found that rather odd. Perhaps he wanted to save that for his wife. Some men have standards, she guessed.

She could hear him behind her, grunting, his breathing becoming shallow and rapid. Her skirt was pushed up over her hips, her panties bunched around her ankles. His condom encased tool was rubbing between her thighs; occasionally it would slip inside her, causing him to pause in his exertions and savor the sensation. The carnality itself wasn't weird or humiliating. The weird part was his insistence that she take dictation during the fornication, then type it up in an e-mail and send it to him. Once a week.

"Oh yes, that's good. Take it, you know you want it. You're so good, God baby you're wonderful, call me Daddy, make me spank you, take it baby, take it hard."

He was starting to climax; she braced herself against the desk as he began to pummel her harder. She tried to keep her writing legible as he fell against her on the desk. The weight of his body hurt; the edge of the desk was cutting into the front of her thighs. He fell back into his chair, trying to catch his breath. She had to stay bent over until he said other wise. One time she had forgotten, and had to spend half an hour on her knees. Under his desk. During a meeting with his supervisor. She was surprised they hadn't been caught. Even more surprised that he could still hold an intelligent conversation while being pleasured orally. Maybe she wasn't as good as she thought.

He leaned forward and tugged on the hem of her skirt; the signal. She slowly stood upright, keeping her back to him. Making eye contact was also forbidden. She stepped out of her underwear, leaving them on the floor, and stood by the side of the desk. The spoils of conquest; he must have had more than a dozen pair hidden away somewhere. She always wondered where.

She heard him zip up his pants and push his chair closer to his desk.

"Thanks, dear. Get that e-mail to me ASAP".

She opened the door and went back to her desk outside his office. She opened up her e-mail, wrote his address in the TO: column, wrote his supervisor's address and her lawyer's address in the BCC: column, then transcribed the e-mail, pressing send when she was finished.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ten Stitches Per Inch-Three Word Wednesday

"You Bastards!"

He threw the bottle, shattering the mirror. Bourbon drenched the surface of the wall, dripping towards the floor. The bottle was almost full. He cursed at himself; what a fucking waste.

He staggered over and picked up a shard of glass, gazing at his reflection. Bloody mouth, missing teeth, swollen, blackened eyes. A Glasgow grin crawled malevolently up each cheek. Whomever had stitched him up hadn't worried about keeping him pretty; bright red scars snaked towards his ears. He was lucky to still have his ears; most people in his position wouldn't. His hand quickly felt his groin; he was very lucky to find that still in place.

He turned towards the door as it opened. She stood there, groceries in her arms, staring at the mess in front of her.

"Here," she said, her voice a whiskey soaked growl, "take these. And be careful. Don't break the fucking eggs."

He shuffled over and took the bags, then wandered into the kitchen, gently placing the eggs in the refrigerator. He pulled out two new bottles of Jack and arranged them on the counter. They gleamed a bright amber in the morning sun. He opened one and took a long hard pull. The inside of his cheeks screamed as the alcohol hit the raw flesh.

"Did you make coffee?"

He lumbered back into the room, bottle in hand, and flopped on the couch. His body began to ache as it sunk into the cushions.

"I don't drink coffee."

She kicked the side of the couch where his head lay.

"I do, you selfish fuck. Why can't you ever think about other people?"

He wolfed down some more of the bottle, then closed his eyes, trying to ignore her foul mood. He almost had his face ripped off, and she was pissed because there was no coffee? Christ.

She kicked the couch again as she returned from the kitchen, her Joe laced with a shot. She slumped into a chair, took a sip, then regarded the broken glass littering the floor.

"Great, you broke the fucking mirror. That's seven years bad luck, ya know. That's going to bring in all kinds of negative energy to this dump. I'm going to have to have someone come in and cleanse this place."

He could feel his body sink deeper into oblivion. She took another sip,then threw her coffee mug at him. It sailed over the back of the couch, missing him completely.

"You could say 'thank you', ya know. I didn't have to stitch you up, ya know."

He turned his head towards her, struggling to open his eyes.

"Are you fucking kidding me? I look like shit. What the hell did you use to close the wound?"

"Quilting thread. Ten stitches to the inch. Just like my Meemaw taught me."

He closed his eyes again, grateful that she hadn't used the staple gun like her Papaw had taught her.