Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Full Wolf Moon-Part Four

The idea was just crazy enough to work. What better weapon to use to attack than an army of the undead?   Whether or not they were as invincible as the little man believed was not important.  The important thing was casualties would be one sided.

Pryor walked over to a slab and lifted a sheet.  The body was sallow, the eyes dark and sunken into the face.  Otherwise it looked to be perfectly fine.  He looked over to the little man.

"How did all these men die?  I see no wounds on the body.  Their limbs are still attached.  How did they wind up here?"

The little man scurried over and ripped the sheet out of Pryor's hand, then gently place it back over the body, tucking it in slightly around the form.  He threw a quick glance up towards Pryor.

"A gas leak at the barracks in Company E.  They all died in their sleep two nights ago."

Pryor didn't believe him.  Company E had been intact when he left for the bar earlier in the evening.  The little man began to scurry about the room, adjusting wires, smoothing sheets.   He seemed to have grown tired of Pryor's company.

"How soon can you have your army ready"  Pryor called out to him.

The little man continued his nervous ministrations, doing his best to keep his distance from Pryor.

"I'm not sure.  Come back tomorrow. Tell Edwards I'll have a better idea in the morning."

Edwards?!  What did he have to do with all of this?  Pryor strode over to the little man and grabbed him by the collar, pulling him off the floor.  The man squealed and thrashed about, trying to break free.  Pryor stuck his face close to his.

"What else should I tell Edwards?"

"Let me down, let me down!  I have to monitor the lycan drip, too much and you'll be unable to control them, not enough and they won't turn when the moon rises!"

Pryor's mouth dropped open.  When they turn?  He dropped the little man and walked slowly towards one of the bodies, hesitating slightly before pulling the sheet away.   Once again he studied what was lying before him.  He started to speak softly and slowly.

"Do you mean to tell me these men will turn in werewolves when the moon is full?"

The little man looked down at the ground.

"Yes, yes.  The moon will be full in two nights.  Edwards wanted them ready by then."

Pryor shook his head.  How could anyone control an army of lycans?  What was Edwards thinking?
He sat down next to the body.

"Have you tried it before?  How do you know it will work?"

The little man shuffled closer to Pryor.  He kept his voice low.

"I've had success with one or two reanimations.  As soon as the moon rises they change, and that combined with their military training makes them easy to control.  The trick is to make sure they've completely changed into a wolf.  They follow a pack mentality then.  They'll follow the alpha male."

"And how do they determine the alpha male?"

"They fight for it.  They fight to see who's the most dominate."

Pryor thought for a minute.  Two days.  Could he afford to wait for two more days?  He needed to get back to the base to destroy the evidence, but if he had an army with him he could do more than that.  He needed a way to get a false report of his death out.  And then what?  How would he control them?  How would he keep Edwards at bay?  He pulled out a piece of paper from his pocked and began to illustrate a map.  He finished, then ripped his dog tag from his neck.  He held it out to the little man.

"You need to take this to Edwards.  Tell him I'm one of the bodies here."

The little man took the dog tags.  He shook his head.

"Edwards will never believe me.  He'll want proof.  He'll want to see a body."

Pryor smiled and rolled up his sleeve.

"Then let him see one.  Hook me up to one of those machines.  Turn me.  I'll be the alpha male."

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Full Wolf Moon-Part Three

Pryor surveyed the room.  Bright light illuminated a legion of bodies neatly placed in rows, long tubes dangling from the ceiling into each one.  A loud hum roared around them.  Giant fans blew cold air, keeping the temperature in the room thirty degrees cooler than the temperature outside.  The stiffs over his shoulders were getting heavy.  Pryor let them slump onto the ground.  The little man started dancing around like an excited child, giddy at the sight of Christmas presents.  He started talking to himself as he examined the two new recruits.

"Yes,yes, perfect, perfect.  Number two hundred ninety nine and number three hundred!  Yes, Yes!  I have my army!  My three hundred!  Yes, yes, yes!"

He started to drag one of the bodies towards an empty slab but it proved to be too heavy.  He cast a beseeching look towards Pryor.

"Help me soldier man?  Is too heavy for me.  Help me complete my army?"

Pryor stared at the little man.  Army?  What kind of madness was this?  He picked up the bodies and followed the little man down to a slab.  The little man jumped on top of the first and began to cut up the sleeve of his uniform, exposing his arm.  He began to hum a little hum as he inserted a needle into the man's vein, then hopped off and retrieved a set of wires, which he placed gently on various points across his skull.  Pryor moved closer to the tube and watched a clear liquid begin to course into the dead man's body.

"What are you doing? What is all this?"

The little man smiled and began his ministrations on the second body.  "My army, solider man.  My three hundred.  And like King Leonidas I shall be invincible!  I will be able to vanquish my enemies!"

Pryor bent down closer to the man, grabbed him by the shoulders and looked deep into his eyes.  The little man held Pryor's gaze without flinching.  Crazy.  Totally bat shit crazy.  Pryor began to speak very slowly and softly.

"These men are all dead.  How can you have an army of the dead?"

An enormous Cheshire Cat grin enveloped the little man's face.  He answered equally slow and soft.

"I know they're dead.  That's what makes them invincible.  Well, that and the Lycan blood."

"The Lycan blood?"

'Yes, yes, Lycan blood.  How else can they be invincible?  Even the walking dead can be destroyed by a blow to the head, but if they're reanimated with Lycan blood, they're invincible!!'''

Pryor expected him to throw back his head and release a maniacal laugh, but he merely went about his business, attaching wires and making sure the flow in the tubes was at a consistent rate.  Pryor looked at all the bodies lying upon their biers.

"Are all these men soldiers?"

The little man stopped what he as doing and looked at Pryor as if he were an idiot.

"Well of course they are.  You wouldn't create an army out of street cleaners, would you?"
He went about his business, muttering to himself about the stupidity of some people.

Pryor chuckled to himself.  An army of the undead.  An INVINCIBLE army of the undead.  This could prove very useful to him.   He sauntered over to the other side of the room where the little man was engrossed in the final preparations of his labor.

"You know friend, Leonidas and The Three Hundred were slaughtered at the battle of Theormopylae.  Xerxes and the Persian forces destroyed them."

The little man violently turned towards Pryor, fear and anger clouding his face.

"Only because they were betrayed!  Only because Ephialtes told the Persians about the goat path!  Only because he betrayed noble Leonidas!"  The little man's eyes narrowed  "Do you plan to betray me soldier man?"

Once again Pryor knelt down next to the little man, gently placing his hand on the other man's shoulder.

"No my friend.  I plan on leading your army to glorious victory,"

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Full Wolf Moon-Part Two

"Why can't you just accept the facts?  They're right in front of you."

Right in front of you.

Right in front.

In front of you.

Pryor squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head.  He couldn't get her words out of his head.  "Right in front of you". He took a deep breath and slowly exhaled, opening his eyes to survey his surroundings.  An empty street.  Darkened windows loomed over him.  He had to find a way to get back to the base, destroy any evidence, and disappear.  He looked around one more time, then began to quickly walk down the street.  If he stayed in the shadows he should make it back to the base in 45 minutes.

He'd been moving for about ten minutes when the sound of a dog made him duck into a doorway.  He listened for the sound of footsteps.  Nothing.  He eased his body slowly out of the door frame and started his journey when a voice called out from behind him.

"HALT!! Identify yourself!"

Pryor stood still, collected his thoughts, and then turned around.  He held his hands up, smiling as he approached the two men.  He didn't recognize them.  He hoped they wouldn't know who he was.

"Gentlemen!  What can I do for you?"  He widened his smile.  They couldn't have been more than 18, 19 years old.  Probably both still virgins.

"Identify yourself!  State your business!"

Pryor let his left hand reach towards his top pocket, his right hand casually wrapped around his weapon.  He pulled out a chewed up cigar, lit it, and exhaled a cloud of smoke into the faces of his interrogators.  They tried not to cough as their eyes watered, blinking furiously.

"Well boys, it's like this.  I was on my way to Madam Cleopatra's.  I don't suppose either of you would be interested in joining me, would you?"

Pryor laughed to himself as he watched one of the lads lower his weapon as his eyes widened in eager anticipation.  The second dropped his guard for a minute, then shook his head in order to center himself.  He tried to keep his voice firm as he continued his interrogation.

"Your name sir!  We need to know your name and unit.  Identify yourself now!"

Pryor took another drag on his cigar and appraised the situation.  He didn't want to kill these two, not out of any sense of brotherhood but because he didn't want to give away his position.  He was running out of time.  He needed to move on.  He took a step closer to the two men.  They both tensed and raised their weapons in anticipation of trouble.  Pryor did his best not to rattle them.

"Come on lads.  Let's stay calm now.  No need to be alarmed."

Pryor moved quickly and knocked the wide eyed boy's gun out of his hand, throwing him over his shoulder and breaking his back.  The interrogator was shouldering his weapon as Pryor moved behind him and grabbed him by the neck, snapping toward the left, the bones cracking.  He slumped to the ground.  Pryor surveyed his work, then started to look around for a place to hide the bodies.  A door opened, flooding the road in light.

"Hey you!  Soldier man!  Come here.  Bring those bodies in here!"

Pryor squinted into the light, seeing only a silhouette in a doorway.  He slung both bodies over his shoulder, then made his way over to the stranger.  He walked inside, a sharp laugh of recognition escaping from his mouth.

He was standing in the entrance of a charnel house.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Full Wolf Moon

"You know the rules! No weapons in the bar!  Leave 'em up front!"

Pryor slowly made his way back up towards the front of the building, depositing a shot gun, a pistol and two knifes on the counter.  There was still a stiletto tucked away in his boot, he didn't want to feel naked.

He returned to the bar and surveyed the room.  Where was she?  She always picked the most miserable places to meet.  The scum of the earth was in attendance tonight.  Pryor felt a slight tingle on the back of his neck.  Gazing down to his left he realized she was right below him.  She motioned her head to a lone table at the back of the room.  He followed without a word.

She sat silently for a minute, then leaned forward, whispering in his ear.


A scowl slowly covered his face.  Disengage?  Not now, it was too soon.  If he became detached from his unit now, his superiors would realize they'd been compromised.  They would come looking for him.  And  the others.

Pryor lowered his head until his mouth was gently touching her ear.  She was so young, so small.  She wouldn't last a week.

"Disengaging now will set off a chain of events that will have disastrous results.  Not just for us.  I need more time.  The powers will just have to be patient.  They need to trust me."

He caught sight of a commotion out of the corner of his eye.  Soldiers.  He reached forward towards the knife in his boot, wrapping his fingers firmly around its handle.  His body tensed as he felt a hand slap across his back.  He looked up to his commander, Edwards, standing next to him.

" Pryor!  There you are!  Thought we'd lost you."  Edwards eyed the girl, licking his lips.  "Who's your friend?  Hope you're in a sharing mood."

She looked down at her hands, then tried to make a brisk retreat towards the door.  Edwards grabbed her by the waist and pulled her onto his lap. 

"You have a name, sweetie?  Not that it matters."

He turned towards Pryor and started to laugh, then cried out in pain as the stiletto plunged deep into his thigh.  The girl pushed out of his arms and ran, Pryor fast on her heels.  He grabbed his weapons and ran into the cold, black night.  He would have to disengage now.  There was no going back.