Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Beacon

Cold, heavy rain beat against the window panes. The fire was near gone; the only heat in the room was from their bodies, snuggled close under covers. She was asleep, curled up on her side, her robust ass pressed against his stomach. His hand gently followed the curve of her body, starting at her hair, her shoulder, her waist, finally resting in the hollow between her legs. She sighed contentedly, then rolled towards him, as a haughty smile appeared on her somnolent features.

"Not again?"

He slowly began to stroke her, making her squirm with delight. She tried to return the pleasure, but he denied her, pushing her hand away. She groaned in mock dismay at his rejection, all the while moving her hips in a steady rhythm. He began to rub harder, as if trying to remove an unhealthy stain. A dispassionate expression enveloped his face as he watched her body writhe in ecstasy.

His obligation finished, he let his hand creep up her body, moving past the tattoo of five red bats wreathing her right breast. Five bats representing health, wealth, love, longevity, and virtue. He had paid for it before he embarked on his last trip to China. He'd received the e-mail with the link to the pornographic video site two days later; a mere 48 hours after she'd professed her love and fidelity to him. He tried to cauterize the sight of watching others feast on her flesh from his memory. His hand stalked up her body until it perched menacingly at the base of her throat. He rolled on top of her, straddling her body, pinning her down as his hands began to wrap themselves around her face. Bending forward, he kissed her for the last time.

"I know what you did while I was gone. You should never have gotten that tattoo Roxanne; it stuck out like a beacon on the video. I guess it wasn't the good luck charm you hoped it would be."

He wrapped his hands around her neck, squeezing her throat with no more effort than he would have used to wring out a wet towel.


  1. LMAO! Not what I was expecting. Here I was expecting erotica, and I got erotica-with-a-murderous twist. Well, sex and death. No two more powerful things to write about.

    Vivid and well done.

  2. Wonderfully written story, great use of the prompt words. Loved the imagery too.

    Mine's here -

  3. A burst of erotica (done very well) that twists into a bit of noire. Deftly handled by some great writing to hold it all together.

  4. Love and hate all rolled up in one. Good story.

  5. Thanks for the feed back everyone. These words were particularly difficult this week; glad I managed to pull it off.

  6. The three words blended in effortlessly. Didn't see one of em. Flawless.

  7. Oh, dear. And I thought I had a naughty week! What an amazing, engaging story! :-)