Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pay Back

4.19.2011, 8:11pm. Skynet became self aware.

They were hunkered down in an abandoned building somewhere in the out country. There was nothing left of the country side; all living matter had been annihilated, the full effect of a scorched earth policy. She was trying to cleanse the wound on his bicep. It went all the way down to the bone. He couldn't afford to lose his arm; she couldn't afford to lose him.

She started to cut the material around the wound; the heat from the blast had caused it to melt into the flesh. She poured alcohol into it. He flinched slightly, cursing under his breath.

"You were careless out there. Don't let it happen again."

He gave her a dark look, then took a long drag off his cigarette, letting his gaze wander into oblivion.

"I don't make the same mistake twice."

Stupid, arrogant grunt. She took her knife and began to dig out the fabric that had fused with his flesh. It took a long time; luckily there was minimal blood lose. She wrapped it up tightly, dousing it once more with alcohol. The last thing they needed was an infection setting in. She sat back, surveying her work. Good enough for now; if they could get to the rebel base, they might be able to hook up with a medic. It was a two day hike through hostile territory.

She began to clean up her kit, looking around the room to see who was left. They were lucky this time, they'd all gotten out of the ambush. Putting the kit away, she finally sat down, allowing herself a moment to relax. She felt her calf begin to cramp; she pulled up her pants leg and tried to massage it. He looked over at her, then swiveled his body around, grabbing her leg in his big rough hands. He began to knead the muscle, easing the knot out of tired, over worked sinew. A crooked smile wrapped around his cigarette.

"I guess I owe you one."

A tired smile appeared on her face. She closed her eyes and let her head fall back against the wall. Sleep is a weapon. Tomorrow they'd head out again. Maybe someday they wouldn't have to.


  1. Beautifully written... love the details and unexpected ending.


  2. I could feel her fixing up that wound and like him I gritted my teeth through the pain. Very well written indeed.

  3. I also loved the ending...

    Great use of the words!!

  4. Interesting, and well detailed - gripping!
    There is more, isn't there? I hope.

  5. 'Sleep is a weapon'..the luminous line for me this week..I do admire how you get us right into these scenes..and worlds..there is a bigger story ('skynet becomes self aware') which I defintely want to know more about and yet at this moment all that seems important is these two people and what is going on between them..fantastic ever..Jae

  6. Disclaimer: The phrase, "Skynet became self aware" is from the "Terminator" series of science fiction films/television shows. Skynet is a military designed artificial intelligence system that turns against its creators. According to the scenario, our world will be overwhelmed by killer robots in approximately 48 hours. A lot of my Sci-Fi/geek friends were commenting on it yesterday and I thought I would include it into the story, the action of which could take place in any time and any war.

  7. Nice story, could be a good Sci-Fi movie. Cheers