Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When I ceased to exist for you

I died.

I curled up in a little ball

And I lied



On the floor

Dust bunnies curling around my nose

The dog nibbling at my toes

My tears covering my cheeks

Puddling on the floor.

I turned off the heat in the apartment

Hoping to freeze to death

But then I thought

That's not fair to the dog

She has a fur coat on

And will take longer to die

And starving is an awful way to go.

So I got up

Turned the heat back on

Washed my face

Fed the dog

Then went on line

And used your credit card

To subscribe to hard core porn sites

Under your name

Sent to your work e-mail.

(And BCC to your bosses as well).

So the next time you want to do the nasty

With the teenage baby sitter

I suggest

You consider

The consequences

Of your



  1. wow this a great use of the prompts.

  2. LOL...Fantastico...Good for you.Loved it.
    Chics Rule!

  3. Thank the world for doggies..woman's best friend..what a piece..the dust bunnies on the nose and dog nibbling at my toes..made me want to sing these are a few of my favourite things..always best to get off the floor and try something..anything..Jae

  4. Nothing like a bit of revenge to get the heart pumping.

  5. My first reaction, totally unbidden? "Oh Shit!"
    Really well written!

  6. Thanks everyone! I really like the way this came out; I struggled all day with the prompt words and ten minutes before I left work for the day this popped out. I'm particulary pleased with the rhythm.

  7. This is wickedly amusing, and your rhythm is awesome. Well-done!

  8. Lmao!!! So awesome!

    I love revenge poetry. Haven't written one in awhile tho. lol.