Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cat and Mouse

A moment for

Just the two of us


A Saturday afternoon.

"Stay here in the living room

And watch cartoons.

Daddy and I have to talk.


In our bedroom".

Sneaking away

Right in front of everyone.

"Lock the door" I whisper

As we quickly shed our clothes.

Stolen moments

So crucial to keeping

Love viable.

You still make me gasp

As we try to mute our

Carnal pleasure.

We catch our breaths.

Get redressed.

Open the door,

A soft, quick kiss

As you disappear.

I sit on the couch

Watching a cat chase a mouse,

When very calmly I hear,

"Mommy, I didn't hear any

Talking going on

Inside your room".


  1. LOL snatched moments indeed with children in the house.

  2. Catching a moment..nicely portrayed..there's no flies on the under ten's are there..Jae