Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Answer

I've come to the conclusion

That death is the answer.

But privately.

No sense putting it on


Posting a public goodbye

Which might hamper the process.

Private.  Personal.

Nothing too violent

That might haunt

Whomever finds me.

Taunt me not

With false hope

That tomorrow will be


It won't.

It will be just one more day

Deeper into my failure.

Pulverize my heart.

My soul is all ready



  1. A very strong and emotional poem. I really enjoyed it, dark as it was.

    visiting from 3WW

  2. Seriously depressing. I hope this is just a fictional piece, or a working out of old memories. If not, go get help.

  3. Death may be private but the process of feeling like you're dying can be shared..words may be a better answer..that I am sure you know..Jae

  4. Don't give up...a lot of us have been there and will return again..that's life for some of us..It is a testament to your sensitivity and creativity.Think about it...what kind of a human being can endure all this crap that goes on in life...answer,a desensitised log.

    You will get another good day maybe a burst of them followed by the usual..You are not alone if you can share your pain in words...If you can still feel the gut wrench of pain, you have already won. I don't think you realise that the world is inhabited by automatons who feel nothing. If they catch you feeling joy they will try to destroy you.Life is a war between them and us. Fight the Bastards...drag yourself on all fours back up on deck..never let them win......This is how I manage to still be around and functioning (for most of the time)Go for it kiddo and keep laughing( at them.)