Thursday, December 20, 2012

Full Wolf Moon-Part Seven

"And then?"

Cassandra tried to keep her eyes open.  She'd been up all night, answering the same questions over and over again.  Yes, she gave him the message.  They'd been interrupted by an officer.  No, she didn't know if he'd been captured or had been able to carry out his orders. She'd been running too fast to escape the bar.  All she knew was she needed sleep.

The two men turned away and walked towards the window.  It was almost dawn.  She had returned a little after midnight; if Pryor had been successful in his mission he should have rendezvoused with them at O-four hundred. He was two hours late.

"Now what?"

Jeffries shrugged and lit a cigarette, exhaling smoke towards the window.  The first rays of sunlight were streaking across the horizon.  He held the pack out to Nolan; Nolan took one and let it hang out of the corner of his mouth.  Pryor knew that being captured wasn't an option; a cyanide capsule was.  It was more dangerous if he'd been compromised and unable to return to his barracks and complete the mission.  Jeffries took another drag off his cigarette, then walked back to the girl.  She was sitting in her chair, eyes closed, her breath rhythmic.   He stood behind her and stubbed out his cigarette on the back of her neck.  She jumped out of her seat, slapping her hand to her neck and wheeling around at her tormentor.  Jefferies regarded her impassively.

"I didn't give you permission to sleep Cassandra."

Cassandra stood her ground.  She was tired of being treated as a party favor passed around by
the senior members of the organization.  She glared at Jeffries, her hands balled up into fists.  Nolan laughed softly as he sauntered over.  Jeffies grabbed her by the hair, pulling her off her feet, until they were eye to eye.

"We may have been compromised.  Our whole organization may be in imminent danger of being wiped out, all because you were unable to deliver a simple message."

Cassandra grabbed at his hands above her head, her feet kicking the air.  She took a deep breath to keep her voice steady.

"I delivered the message.  Pryor said he needed more time.  He said you needed to be patient.  You needed to trust him."

Jeffries dropped her to the floor.  She was only good for one thing.  And there wasn't time for that now.  He looked over towards Nolan.

"Move out.  It's too dangerous to stay here.  We need to go deeper under ground until we find out exactly what's going on.  Get a team together and see what you can find out. And as for you . . ."

He bent down and pulled Cassandra to her knees, pressing her face hard against his crotch with one hand while the other held a large knife to her throat.  Cassandra fought the urge to bite him.

"You have only one purpose for this unit.  Don't ever forget it.  And don't ever think that will change.  You had your chance to be useful.  You blew it.  Get your rest; once we resettle, I throw you to the rest of the team.  For their enjoyment, and my amusement."

He threw her to the floor and left the room, his foot steps echoing down the hall.  Nolan knelt down next to her, drawing her close to him.

"Don't worry Cassandra.  I'll take care of you."

Nolan stuck his tongue in her mouth, his hands groping her breasts and between her legs.  He pushed her onto her stomach and pulled at her pants; she grimaced as he raped her, struggling not to cry out.  She wouldn't give him the satisfaction.  He finished (he was known as "Quick Shot" for reasons other than his marksmanship ), got dressed, then kicked her naked ass with his boot.  Cassandra lay there, trying to catch her breath and compose herself.  Nolan walked towards the door, calling over his shoulder.

"Thanks.  I hate to wait for  sloppy seconds."

Cassandra waited, listening to the sounds of the unit being mobilized.  She had to leave, now, while there was so much activity going on.  She wouldn't be missed; she'd strike out on her own, and track down Pryor by herself.  It would be a hardship, but it wouldn't be any worse than how she was surviving now.

She'd find Pryor, she'd make sure of it, if only to kick his ass for putting her in this predicament.

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