Saturday, January 19, 2013

Full Wolf Moon-Part Nine.

Glover moved silently, keeping his head down, his eyes and ears searching.  He wandered towards the center of town.  Which way to the bar?  He leaned against a wall, trying to get his bearings when a group of soldiers appeared around the corner.  They were quaralling amongst themselves. He let them move down the street, then began to follow, making sure to keep them in sight.

He followed them around the town, down narrow, dismal streets.  After about ten minutes he saw them stop in front of what looked like an abandoned building.  The one who appeared to be the leader knocked at a door; it opened, but Glover couldn't see who or what was inside.  Two of the soldiers went directly in, but one hesistated.  The leader reappeared in the threshold and began to rip the other man a new ass.  The man outside the door continued to waffle; he turned away for a brief moment, looking behind him down the street. The leader lost his patience, drew his revolver and shot the man in the back of the head.  He dropped to the ground.  The leader returned into the warehouse;  Glover could hear voices from within.  Two figures materialized at the door, grabbed the corpse by the ankles and pulled the body inside.

Glover waited, trying to decide if it was worth his time to investigate further.  He looked around; the alley was still empty.  He started to move closer to the building when he felt something behind him. The barrel of a gun pressed firmly against his temple.

"Going somewhere, friend?"

Glover held his ground.  He slowly put his hands up, turning his head to see who had got the drop on him. He smiled.

"I'm new to this town and I seem to have gotten myself lost.  An old buddy of mine told me to check out a club called The Limber Nymph.  He said the women there were luscious and more than willing to be friendly for the right price."

Edwards pressed the gun harder into this stranger's head.  What sort of bullshit was this?  The Limber Nymph wouldn't be opened for another six hours.  He brushed the man's hood back with the nozzle of his gun to get a better look at his face.  The man returned his gaze without breaking a sweat.
Glover shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, trying to assess the situation.  What had he stumbled upon?  What ever was inside that building must be pretty important. Is that where he'd  find Pryor?  He smiled harder.

"Look pal, I'm just trying to get laid.  I know how to mind my own business.  Just point me towards the club and I'll be on my way."

Edwards hadn't slept in two days; he was having a hard time thinking straight.  He was running out of time; the moon would be full tomorrow night and he still had to deal with Pryor.  He considered his options and lowered his weapon.  He holstered it and pulled out his knife, holding it in front of Glover's face.

"No problem friend.  The Limber Nymph's not too far from here. Let me give you directions so you'll never forget."

Edwards pushed Glover back, bracing his body against the wall.  Edwards spoke slowly and deliberately, using his knife to carve the directions onto Glover's face.

"You go down this street three blocks, then make a left when you get to Madame Marie's.  She's a fortune teller; they say she has a third eye.  Maybe you should give her this."

Edwards dug his knife into Glover's left eye, carving out the orbit.  Glover screamed and dropped to his knees, the freshly carved spherical body rolling lazily at his feet.

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