Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Don't Forget Your Reindeer

"Reindeer?  Where am I going to get reindeer at this time of year?"


"Why are you shouting at me?  I'm not deaf, dear."

Maggie took a deep breath.  Having Colin's mother move in with them seemed the right thing to do.  The idea of her living alone in a home seemed dreadful.  Now she wondered if they hadn't been too hasty in their decision.  They had just gotten the last of their children out of the house; this was supposed to be their time.  Now it was like going back to the beginning.  Mother wasn't completely dependent on them, so in theory they could come and go as they pleased.  It just didn't always work out that way.

"Mom, do you need me to pick anything up for you while I'm gone?"

"I don't think so dear.  I'll just putter around in the garden until the weather breaks."

"Don't do too much.  I don't want to come home and find you've pulled out a stump like last time."
"Oh, I had Jamie and his friend Harry do that.  I needed room for my asters."

Maggie smiled.  Mom had a way to charm any man, no matter what age, to her desires.  She always wondered why mom hadn't remarried.  Mom had once said the true love of a good man could sustain you for your entire life, even after he was gone.  Maybe she didn't need to.

"OK then, I'm off.  Your slicker and wellies are in the mud room."

"I know where the reindeer are, dear."

Maggie laughed softly.  Reindeer indeed.


  1. I have found that parents change as they get older, or is that me? Parents choose to have children but not the other way round. It is strange your amusing piece took me on a different track altogether.

  2. A change in style and yet still sharp as a pair of secateurs..

  3. I grow weary of death and sex Jae. Time to move on.

    1. With you in this transition VLS. Loved teasing this one.

  4. Dementia and Alzheimers...both horrible diseases. And yet, I was able to laugh. Thanks for that.