Monday, July 12, 2010

Avenging Angel

"That's enough!"

She looked over and gave him an insolent smile. Damn her and her incessant meddling! He walked towards her but she held her ground, arrogantly defying him. He towered over her as he stood before her.

"Stay out of this. It's no concern of yours. I won't have you in my business."

She held his gaze, her smile growing larger.

"Why do you care? You discarded her, used her for your own pleasure and then cast her aside with out a second thought. It's no longer your business. She's no longer yours." Her smile faded as she growled the last sentence.

He raised his hand to strike, then thought better of it. Lilith was not someone to cross. Her large, delicate wings were unfurled, her hand grasped the hilt of her sword.

"You've had your fun, Gabriel, too much if you ask me. Always stalking the weak. You and your kind always look for easy prey. Forcing me and my kind to clean up your messes."

She moved closer, raising herself on tip toe, her lips so temptingly close to his. He bent to kiss her; she dropped to her feet and stepped back, laughing.

"Not today, beloved. Not until you've suffered as much as she has." She flew off into the fading light, laughing at his pain.

Gabriel stayed perched on his cloud, his wings heavy. He sighed to himself, then unfurled his wings and took flight, looking for new hearts to break.

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