Thursday, July 8, 2010


“Do I have to?"

“You can’t put it off any longer."

“It’s stupid. None of my friends do."

The tension is rising between us. “I’m not mother to all your friends. I’m mother to you. You’re getting too big and told old to be without one."

Cursing under her breath, she slips her arms through the straps and lets me hook the back. Pulling and stretching, she whines, “I can’t breathe, I hate this."

“I couldn’t wait for my first one."

She mumbles under her breath some more, pulls her shirt over her head and stalks
out of the room, ignoring him as he enters.


“Her first bra. She’s not happy."

His face falls. “But she’s so young."

“She’s also very developed for her age."

“Now boys will notice her."

“Yes. Sorry."

He sighs. “I feel like I should call your father and apologize."

I laugh. “You should."

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