Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bad Dog

“Jesus, you’re a hot mess.”

He didn’t open his eyes, only groaned at the sound of her voice. He had passed out naked on the couch when he’d returned home around dawn, covered in mud and debris. Dried blood was caked on his hands and under his nails; leaves and brush were stuck in his hair.

“Not now, Molly, it’s too damn early.”

She tried not to stumble over his work boots, discarded with his ripped clothes in the middle of the floor. She sat next to him on the couch; she made a grimace as she caught a whiff of him.

“Man, you reek! You smell like you’ve been rolling in garbage!”

He buried his face deeper into the couch, trying to cover his head with his arms.

“Not now, damn it! Just leave me alone! I’m too tired to listen to you nag.”

She sighed and smacked his ass. It was a beautiful ass when it was cleaned up nicely. She gazed longingly at him, then held her breath and gently kissed the back of his neck.

“You’re lucky I like you so much, boyo. You’re lucky I put up with you during this phase of the moon.”

She got off the couch and started to walk towards the kitchen; she needed a strong cup of coffee. She was almost there when he lifted his head up, gazing at her with blood shot eyes.


She stopped in her tracks, smiling at him in spite of herself. A grateful smile appeared on his lips.

“I know.”

©2010 VL Sheridan


  1. Just damn good stuff. I'm so glad you've found 3WW and are a contributor.

  2. very solid, love all or mostly all dialogue, you do it well. love "hot mess" too btw..

  3. Mmm, I love werewolves. (assuming that he is)

    Great little scene. Well done.

  4. That was very... cute, actually! Great idea, great writing, love the title!

  5. Thanks for the feed back guys. @RS-Maybe he is, and maybe he's not. Some guys can be quite a handful.

  6. Give me more werewolves, throw in some vampires, and time travel too. I like this. Cleanly written and oh so engaging. You had me hooked when I knew he was a werewolf. Howl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!